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Jeep vs Pool [Click to watch]


Jeep vs Pool [Click to watch]


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Beginning of the semester vs end of the semester.



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Talking to your parents on the phone

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Nothing but the norm.

I’m not gonna lie, the friend zone is the worst place to be. As a guy, it feels like you’ve been dropped into the WWI trenches, there is no way to win, just keep scrapping the surface for some phony hope. A  mirage only I can see. It’s the feeling of buying 1000 raffle tickets, putting them all in one basket and being beat by the guy who baught one ticket. Why do I have this kind of fake belief that the feeling is mutual? How much stupider can I be? Thinking I had a chance? Me! Why would anyone choose me when there is a better looking guy.I thought she would be the first girl who truely didn’t care about how I looked, but how I was as a person, as a person who has depth or personality. I was wrong, again. Why do I choose to do this? Can’t stop myself? I guess what I’m getting at is that we all always seem to have this light at the end of the tunnel that we know isn’t there. Even though we know it’s not, we still chase it, truely believing catching it is a possible feat. But I don’t think I care about it anymore. It’s not how many times you fall down, it’s how many times you get back up

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The person I reblogged this from does not deserve to suffer anymore.


the Cold War is basically just the United State and the Soviet Union saying how big of a penis they have but when it comes down to it neither of them  actually want to flash the other to show for fear the other actually does have a bigger penis

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Every frame of the Harry Potter movies, condensed into a barcode.

#oh my god #look at this #how it starts off with reds and oranges and purples #bright colors #and then it gets continuously darker towards the end #it’s so fitting to the story #and then there is that strip of white at the end #which has to be the king’s cross scene #and it’s just #light #in a dark time #which is extremely beautiful

you know why theres a white part at the end? because happiness can be found even in the darkest of times

Or because he died.

There are two types of Harry Potter fans